More Than Friends

8 thoughts on “More Than Friends”

  1. Interesting. I’ve actually put this drama on my watch list but haven’t started watching. Now that I’ve read your review I’m more eager to watch it.


      1. I’m currently watching this drama and I think this is the first time I root for the second lead male 😆 because Lee Soo is annoying. I just got to the part where Woo Yeon finally chose Joon Soo (because of that Namsan Tower accident) 😅


      2. As I told you before, I was on Joon Soo’s side at first. But I found him annoying when he keeps tagging Woo Yeon along when she already rejected him. And I want her to be with Lee Soo since he already changed.

        Each character has something annoying in their personality. Woo Yeon with her fear so she can’t be totally true to Soo. Soo who can’t be totally true to her just because of an article he read about the type of lover she is (silly 😆). Joon Soo who keeps tagging along. Young Hee who thinks she must be strong all the time and keeps Hyun Jae from knowing her real situation although they’ve been together for 10 years. Hyun Jae who is so obedient to her. Jin Joo with her endless waiting for a Hyun Bin lookalike. I think Sang Hyeok is not as annoying as the others.

        Fortunately they’re not too much, so I keep watching and generally enjoyed the drama. I’m glad it ends well. Thanks for your recommendation 🙂


      3. Every person we’ll ever meet has “annoying” bits in their personality and the fact that these characters had shortcomings is what made them so likable, in my opinion. To me, they were more like real people than make-believe characters. Even though I wasn’t thrilled with all the choices they made, the writer helped me understand why they made them. I’m glad you finished the drama. I hope you thought it was worth your viewing time.


      4. Of course, I enjoyed it. Saying that each of the characters has something annoying in their personality doesn’t mean I hate them and the drama. It’s a part of things that makes a drama interesting (as long as not too much). Actually in the dramas that I have watched I found annoying bits in the characters here and there and that made it fun.


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