The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love -such an appropriate title!   It has a great plot, great writing, great cast, great acting, great music… it’s just an all around great Kdrama!  I enjoyed every minute of it. If you’re into love stories you should defiantly put this on your “must watch” list.  It’s the story of Dok Ko-Jin, … Continue reading The Greatest Love

Secret Garden

Do you want to know what the best fantasy love story ever acted out is?  Secret Garden.  Not the one you may be thinking of.  This Secret Garden is a Kdrama, one of the very best, in fact.  If someone said to me, “I’m only going to watch one Korean drama and then I’ll never … Continue reading Secret Garden

Blade Man

It’s a super hero love story!  Blade Man may sound a bit strange, and the first episode had me wondering if I really wanted to go through 17 more hours of what I had just seen, but I kept on going and really, really enjoyed it. Joo Hong-Bin has no idea what happens when he’s … Continue reading Blade Man