One of OCN’s newest crime dramas is Rugal, a fast-paced, action-packed, nail-biting sci-fi that will keep you on the edge of your seat for every single one of its 16 hours! “Know your limits, utilize your strengths, but avoid what can hurt you.” – Choi Geum-Cheol With an armful of beautiful flowers, Detective Kang Ki-Beom … Continue reading Rugal


Based on Go A-Ra’s 2009 webtoon Eoseowa, Welcome (aka Meow: The Secret Boy) is a romantic fantasy Kdrama about a darling cat with the magical ability to turn into a human. Kdramaland has had young women fall in love with a robot (Are You Human Too?) and a hologram (My Holo Love), so why not … Continue reading Welcome

Hi Bye, Mama!

Is it a fantasy, a romance, or ghost story? It’s actually a combination of all of those – with a twist. When a ghost is given the chance to live again, will she grab the opportunity to take back what was hers before she died or choose to give it all up? Find out in … Continue reading Hi Bye, Mama!

My Holo Love

In 2016 the computer program AlphaGo beat the former professional Go Player Lee Sedol in a historic match and it was that incredible game that inspired Ryu Yong-Jae to write the story that became the 12 episode Kdrama My Holo Love. GIO Lab, a leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has just invented an amazing … Continue reading My Holo Love


I never really have high expectations when I begin a webdrama. The budget can’t compare to a major Kdrama so I know right from the start there won’t be many top actors/actresses, the writer and director won’t have previously worked on anything big, it’s unlikely to have a large soundtrack, and the shorter length will … Continue reading Spark