Tunnel. Not since Nine: Nine Times Time Travel have I enjoyed a time travel drama so much. Tomorrow With You was very good but lacked the nail-biting suspense held by the other two. We get to watch, sitting on the edge of our seat, as Detective Park Kwang-Ho chases a serial killer suspect 30 years into … Continue reading Tunnel

Tomorrow With You

Time travel shows.  I, for one, love them and Tomorrow With You did not disappoint me.  Are you ready for a wow love story?  First of all, do not believe the brief synopsis on DramaFever.  It says the couple end up in a “selfish, loveless marriage.”  Oh ha!  There’s no truth to that at all. After barely avoiding … Continue reading Tomorrow With You

The Miracle

A wonderful lesson is learned when sisters swap bodies in the romantic fantasy webdrama The Miracle. Twin sisters – but as opposite as opposite can get.  Kwon Shi-Ah is slim, has long red hair, is selfish, down-right rude, and an actress and member of a girls’ Kpop group.  Kwon Shi-Yeon is overweight, has short black … Continue reading The Miracle


It seemed like it took forever for Goblin (also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) to be out in its entirety. But, as the old saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” Although, in the case of this drama, it would be more accurate to say, superbly fantastic things come to those … Continue reading Goblin