What does a bracelet, a photo album, a ring, a Polaroid camera, a laser pointer, a hat, a makeup compact, a stamp, a cigarette lighter, a cell phone, and a bottle of perfume have in common? Well, in this story each one is an Item that contains supernatural powers – and there’s nothing evil businessman … Continue reading Item


If you have 80 minutes to spare let me recommend a fun, little, romantic webdrama released this year (2020) entitled Mute. Kang Han-Na possesses the uncanny ability to hear the thoughts of the person she’s in love with. Only minutes after meeting Je-Won she is amazed when she is able to hear inside his head, … Continue reading Mute


All aboard! You’re in for a ride that is out of this world when you board OCN’s new crime fantasy drama, Train. “Some scientists claim that because the universe is expanding indefinitely, another world identical to the one we live in exists. They also believe that there is a passage somewhere that connects the two … Continue reading Train