You’ve got a serial killer and you’ve got a guy who can bring people back from the dead… Abyss’ premise was interesting but the writing just didn’t do it justice. By episode ten I was ready for it to end. There was no reason to stretch it out so long, and stretching was exactly what … Continue reading Abyss

Melting Me Softly

April 27, 2019 – a glorious day for Kdrama lovers – the day Ji Chang-Wook was discharged from his mandatory military assignment. And less than two months later, this phenomenal actor was participating in the first script reading of the delicious, new, fantasy-romance comedy Melting Me Softly. “Challenging oneself to do what nobody else will … Continue reading Melting Me Softly

Hotel Del Luna

That amazingly talented screenwriting duo, the Hong sisters, has done it again! Unless you’ve been waiting months to watch Hotel Del Luna, counting the days until it was out in its entirety, I suggest holding off a bit longer and watching it closer to Halloween. Why? Because it’s a wonderfully entertaining, romantic ghost story! Most … Continue reading Hotel Del Luna


No true Shin Sung-Rok fan should skip the new fantasy romance drama Perfume. His acting is divinely entertaining and was the sole reason I didn’t give in to that little voice inside my head whispering, “Nope. This isn’t worth 16 hours.” “The moment she gave up on her life a miracle happened.” – Perfume Ever … Continue reading Perfume