Melo Holic

I was all over the place with Melo Holic – didn’t like it, liked it, didn’t like it… A guy with mind reading abilities meets a girl with a split personality (Dissociative Identity Disorder). It sounded entertaining, to say the least, so I excitedly turned it on. I was a bit confused and bored with … Continue reading Melo Holic

Somehow 18

Are you in the mood for another time travel romance? As you already know, I love it when writers use time travel for their story’s plot. A tunnel, a manhole, a subway car, even a puddle… scriptwriters have used all of those things as the gateway to a character’s time slip. So what does this … Continue reading Somehow 18

Go Back Couple

Lately, it seems there’s been an influx of time travel Kdramas – Manhole, Hit the Top, Chicago Typewriter, Tunnel, Tomorrow With You, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Splash Splash Love… – and I, for one, don’t think I’ll ever be tired of them. I love the fantasy surrounding that particular plot. And sometimes, when we’re lucky, we even … Continue reading Go Back Couple


In 2007 Fuji TV aired the Japanese drama Operation Love, the story of a man who is able to go back in time, with the aid of a fairy, to try and stop the woman he loves from marrying another man. In 2012 South Korea broadcasted a remake of the show, this one titled Operation … Continue reading Manhole