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  1. I liked your review on the show “Romance is a bonus book”. I was wondering if you know who the wrote the book of poems read by Eun-ho and Dan-I to each other are. I would like to see if I could purchase it in English version.


  2. Of course there are many actors and actresses who are fantastic but was surprised that neither Lee Jong-Suk nor Park Seo Joon is on your list of favourite actors


    1. I agree that both of your picks are wonderful actors! I want to explain the two ways a person gets onto my “favorite” list – how many times (different shows) that person’s acting has impressed me OR one supremely excellent performance that makes me believe that particular character was written solely for that actor/actress because no one else would have done as well in that part. Do you have any other favorites that are not on my list?


  3. Hi, I notice that you’ve mentioned the drama, “On the way to the airport” think that you might be interested in it who is a lovely one to me.
    Have a nice day!


    1. It’s been in my watch list since it first came out (simply because it stars Lee Sang-Yoon, who is on my favorite actors list) but I’ve just never gotten around to seeing it. With your kind recommendation, I’ll move it closer to the top and try to get to it in the next few weeks. One review on On the Way to the Airport coming up, and thanks for supporting Heart & Seoul.


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