Crash Landing on You

Superb, fantastic, excellent, tremendous, wonderful, magnificent, splendid, terrific – Crash Landing on You. It’s a powerful, beautiful love story that warmed my heart as it made me cry. I dare say it’s one of the top three, best romance Kdramas I’ve ever seen. Se-Ri’s Choice is about to introduce a new line, sports clothing, and … Continue reading Crash Landing on You


Dramatic, thought provoking, captivating, realistic… VIP is a quality Kdrama. I finished it in just 3 days, the time zipping by as I watched several Sung Un Department Store employees struggle with trials that seemed too overwhelming to conquer. I’m not going to tell you much because I want you to wonder. You need to … Continue reading VIP

The Wind Blows

If you are what people would refer to as tender-hearted, or if you are close to anyone suffering through the horrors of a loved one drifting away due to that horrendous disease known as Alzheimer’s, you might want to rethink your decision to watch The Wind Blows. This show came close to ripping my heart … Continue reading The Wind Blows