Love Alarm 1 & 2

Yippee! The long-awaited Love Alarm 2 is now a reality which means Jo-Jo has made a choice. Does she want Hwang Sun-Oh, Lee Hye-Young, or neither? I remember watching the first season of Love Alarm, having no idea the drama had a cliffhanger ending. I got to the end of the eighth, and final episode (of season one) … Continue reading Love Alarm 1 & 2

Crash Landing on You

Superb, fantastic, excellent, tremendous, wonderful, magnificent, splendid, terrific – Crash Landing on You. It’s a powerful, beautiful love story that warmed my heart as it made me cry. I dare say it’s one of the top three, best romance Kdramas I’ve ever seen. Se-Ri’s Choice is about to introduce a new line, sports clothing, and … Continue reading Crash Landing on You