Miss Hammurabi

This drama is one of those shows I was unable to see before DramaFever closed its site but, thanks to good ol’ Viki.com picking it up, I can now check it off my list. Miss Hammurabi is thumbs up A+ entertainment with a few feel good messages hidden inside and my favorite law genre Kdrama … Continue reading Miss Hammurabi

Your Honor

Can a young man who has been in the defendant’s chair on multiple occasions secretly pull off being a judge? In Kdramaland he can. Find out how he accomplishes such an amazing task in the new courtroom drama Your Honor. After being released from prison for the fifth time, Han Kang-Ho goes over to his … Continue reading Your Honor

Judge vs. Judge

Versus (abbreviated vs.) means to go against or compete; the football game this week is Army vs. Navy. But it also means compared to; the texture of frozen yogurt vs. ice cream. When I first saw the title of this drama, Judge vs. Judge, I expected it to be a rivalry between a male and … Continue reading Judge vs. Judge


Return‘s antagonists reminded me a bit of the ones in Golden Cross and Reset. The horrible bad guys are nothing short of evil scum who have no business sharing the planet with decent, normal folks. I am definitely one who believes in repentance and second chances but this show clearly points out the fact that … Continue reading Return

Witch at Court

If you like shows that deal with the law then you’re almost sure to enjoy the new courtroom drama Witch at Court (aka Witch’s Court). The story is all about the prosecutors who work in the Crimes Against Girls Unit. As a child, Ma Yi-Deum had dreams of becoming a doctor and making lots of money. … Continue reading Witch at Court

A New Leaf

Being an American who has never set foot in Korea, I have no idea what corporate law is like over there but I learned a little by watching this Kdrama.  Honestly, I only understood a tiny bit of it but that didn’t stop me from watching A New Leaf. Because I didn’t understand 90% of … Continue reading A New Leaf