Miss Hammurabi

This drama is one of those shows I was unable to see before DramaFever closed its site but, thanks to good ol’ Viki.com picking it up, I can now check it off my list. Miss Hammurabi is thumbs up A+ entertainment with a few feel good messages hidden inside and my favorite law genre Kdrama … Continue reading Miss Hammurabi

Your Honor

Can a young man who has been in the defendant’s chair on multiple occasions secretly pull off being a judge? In Kdramaland he can. Find out how he accomplishes such an amazing task in the new courtroom drama Your Honor. After being released from prison for the fifth time, Han Kang-Ho goes over to his … Continue reading Your Honor

Judge vs. Judge

Versus (abbreviated vs.) means to go against or compete; the football game this week is Army vs. Navy. But it also means compared to; the texture of frozen yogurt vs. ice cream. When I first saw the title of this drama, Judge vs. Judge, I expected it to be a rivalry between a male and … Continue reading Judge vs. Judge