Mr. Queen

It took a little while for me to become completely submerged in Mr. Queen but once it happened I really enjoyed the show. It’s a historical/fantasy/mystery/comedy drama that completely pulls off the strange-sounding combination-genre while superbly dishing out a 20 episode dose of pure entertainment. Jang Bong-Hwan, the egotistical head chef at the Blue House, … Continue reading Mr. Queen

True Beauty

Yeoshingangrim, written by Yaongyi, is a webcomic that was recently made into a Kdrama by the same name – True Beauty. Harassed and made into the “dumpling shuttle” for simply being “ugly,” Im Ju-Kyung has been going through hell at Yong-Ha High School. After her father is swindled out of a hefty sum of money, the … Continue reading True Beauty