Youth of May

I was three-quarters of the way through Youth of May before I discovered that, although the drama is a fictional love story, it’s based on actual events that happened in Gwangju South Korea in May of 1980. “Every disaster is preceded by warning signs.” – Hwang Hee-Tae Medical student Hwang Hee-Tae arranges for his critically … Continue reading Youth of May

Mad For Each Other

I loved Mad For Each Other – every single little thing about it. There’s a realistic element to it that so basically talks to our hearts. No one is perfect, we all have our shortcomings, everybody has their own brand of crazy – and that’s what makes us human. Pending an internal review, Detective Noh … Continue reading Mad For Each Other


Replay (aka Replay: The Moment) is a 2021 love-triangle webdrama told in flashbacks – hence the name Replay. No twists, no turns, no surprise reveals – just a teenage love triangle, plain and simple. That’s all. Gong Chan-Young and Lee Ji-Hoon both liked Yoo Ha-Young. However, when Ji-Hoon lied and told Chan-Young that he and … Continue reading Replay

Summer Guys

The minute announced they had this webdrama, I put it in my queue, deliberately waiting until the second week in June to watch it. Why? Because today is the summer solstice, at least it is where I am (in the Northern Hemisphere), and I wanted to celebrate the first day of summer with a … Continue reading Summer Guys