Do you like stories full of magic, dragons, and demons? If you said “yes” you’re going to love the Hong sisters’ newest fantasy romance, Hwayugi (aka A Korean Odyssey). This show is amazing! The drama is all about some demons who try to help a young woman stop the end of the world from taking place. Ever … Continue reading Hwayugi


Are you ready for Heart & Seoul’s 200th Kdrama review? Well, let’s get started… Jugglers is all about those wonderful unsung heroes, the secretaries. Making coffee, sharpening pencils, canceling appointments, photocopying papers, filing reports… a good secretary is a master juggler. “A secretary stimulates an already successful person and takes the role of helping the person grow … Continue reading Jugglers

Temperature of Love

The promotional picture on DramaFever shows a smiling couple under an umbrella so I guessed the show would be about weather forecasters who fall in love with each other – Temperature of Love – made sense. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I read that one of the main characters is a chef I thought, … Continue reading Temperature of Love