Bad Guys

If you believe in giving people second chances, I think you’ll appreciate the Kdrama Bad Guys. Notice I didn’t say you’d enjoy the show but rather that you would appreciate it. This drama is filled to overflowing with gratuitous violence which made it difficult to actually enjoy, but I did appreciate it – a lot. … Continue reading Bad Guys

Lovely Horribly

I was slightly disappointed in the romantic ghost drama Lovely Horribly. I loved Park Si-Hoo in Neighborhood Hero and Song Ji-Hyo was great in Emergency Couple so the two starring opposite each other sounded promising. But, although they were both good they weren’t able to make up for the just-okay storyline. According to shaman Kim … Continue reading Lovely Horribly

Mr. Sunshine

This historical fiction drama is nothing short of a 10; a really, really big 10 – the first one I’ve given in 2018. I sincerely hope you don’t miss Mr. Sunshine, a Kdrama which is both heart wrenching and uplifting at the same time. Nine year old Choi Yoo-Jin watches as his slave father is … Continue reading Mr. Sunshine