Fight My Way

If asked to think of an amazing sports movie, I’m sure a host of people would have the 1976 Hollywood film Rocky at the top of their list – I know I would. This Kdrama has many things in common with that Oscar winning motion picture and, because of that, it was good old (fictional) heavy-weight … Continue reading Fight My Way

Queen of Mystery

The biggest mystery in the Kdrama Queen of Mystery is: where did the ending go? Ten minutes before the end of episode 16 I thought, “If they don’t hurry, this show’s going to have one of those abrupt endings I hate.” Well, I was wrong. They didn’t hurry and, surprisingly, the ending wasn’t abrupt… because it wasn’t … Continue reading Queen of Mystery

Romance Blue

Romance Blue…  It all seemed so real.  I almost forgot I was watching actors say lines.  Does that mean it’s a fantastic show? Not exactly.  It just means it has the ability to draw you in – hook, line, and sinker. Min-Woo is a handsome, kind man who dates women for a living.  They hire … Continue reading Romance Blue

My Secret Romance

Watch My Secret Romance and be a part of Kdrama history. I’m sure you’ve heard me comment several times on the fact that the OCN Network dramas I’ve seen have all been tense, gritty, heavy shows – Neighborhood Hero, Tunnel, Dr. Frost, Missing Noir M… the list goes on and on. Well, I can’t say that … Continue reading My Secret Romance