Are you ready for Heart & Seoul’s 200th Kdrama review? Well, let’s get started… Jugglers is all about those wonderful unsung heroes, the secretaries. Making coffee, sharpening pencils, canceling appointments, photocopying papers, filing reports… a good secretary is a master juggler. “A secretary stimulates an already successful person and takes the role of helping the person grow … Continue reading Jugglers

Temperature of Love

The promotional picture on DramaFever shows a smiling couple under an umbrella so I guessed the show would be about weather forecasters who fall in love with each other – Temperature of Love – made sense. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I read that one of the main characters is a chef I thought, … Continue reading Temperature of Love

Two Cops

This one is a gem, folks. Even though there hasn’t been a lot of hype surrounding it and it didn’t get an outstanding rating on Viki.com, I absolutely loved this show! Get this… a dedicated cop and a swindling conman share much more than just a past in the comedy/crime Kdrama Two Cops. After his … Continue reading Two Cops

I’m Not a Robot

For sheer entertainment value, I’m Not a Robot is an fun way to spend 16 hours of down time. From beginning to end these friendly, personable characters will capture your interest as you watch them overcome life’s obstacles and grow from their own personal challenges. An amazing, new artificial intelligence (AI), created by Professor Hong … Continue reading I’m Not a Robot

Witch at Court

If you like shows that deal with the law then you’re almost sure to enjoy the new courtroom drama Witch at Court (aka Witch’s Court). The story is all about the prosecutors who work in the Crimes Against Girls Unit. As a child, Ma Yi-Deum had dreams of becoming a doctor and making lots of money. … Continue reading Witch at Court