You’ve got a serial killer and you’ve got a guy who can bring people back from the dead… Abyss’ premise was interesting but the writing just didn’t do it justice. By episode ten I was ready for it to end. There was no reason to stretch it out so long, and stretching was exactly what … Continue reading Abyss


Dramatic, thought provoking, captivating, realistic… VIP is a quality Kdrama. I finished it in just 3 days, the time zipping by as I watched several Sung Un Department Store employees struggle with trials that seemed too overwhelming to conquer. I’m not going to tell you much because I want you to wonder. You need to … Continue reading VIP


Here’s a great webdrama that’s been hiding at the bottom of my Viki queue for over a year and a half! I was looking for something that wasn’t the usual 16 or 20 hour time commitment and found something Short. That’s actually the show’s name – Short. The story is about two short track speed … Continue reading Short


“Holy sh*t!” were the first words out of my mouth as the credits started rolling at the end of episode one. Not since Iris has there been a Kdrama as intense and with as much incredible action as Vagabond. We barely get our heart rate back to normal before we’re hit with another shocking surprise. … Continue reading Vagabond