Save Me

I thought watching Save Me would be a good way to begin my shivery-fun month of Halloween. The promotional picture had a slightly spooky look to it so I guessed it was going to be a bit on the scary side. But I wasn’t exactly correct in my thinking. It was more unsettling than spooky, in … Continue reading Save Me

Naked Fireman

It’s only four episodes long but Naked Fireman is a decently written mystery that deserves four hours of your time. When ex-convict Oh Sung-Jin informs his childhood friend, Kang Cheol-Soo, that he could make a tremendous amount of money posing nude for a young female artist, Cheol-Soo quickly turns him down. Although the promise of a … Continue reading Naked Fireman

School 2017

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen all of the “School” series dramas (there’s a total of seven, so far) but I have seen the last three and, in my opinion, School 2017 is at least as good as the others and, in some ways, even better. The plot isn’t all that riveting but the characters are, and they … Continue reading School 2017