Suspicious Partner

If you’re thinking of skipping this show because a 40 episode drama sounds too time consuming, worry no more. Each episode is only 30 minutes long so it’s really like watching a regular 20 hour one. I’ve written 33 reviews so far this year and, in my opinion, as of right now, Suspicious Partner comes in right … Continue reading Suspicious Partner

Second to Last Love

The most appealing thing about Second to Last Love is its characters. They’re nice, friendly, neighborly folks who are easy to care about. Their lives are fairly realistic, filled with happiness, trials, failures, and love. This quote, from the end of the drama, sums up the whole thing very well, “Some get married, some live together … Continue reading Second to Last Love

Fight My Way

If asked to think of an amazing sports movie, I’m sure a host of people would have the 1976 Hollywood film Rocky at the top of their list – I know I would. This Kdrama has many things in common with that Oscar winning motion picture and, because of that, it was good old (fictional) heavy-weight … Continue reading Fight My Way

Romance Blue

Romance Blue…  It all seemed so real.  I almost forgot I was watching actors say lines.  Does that mean it’s a fantastic show? Not exactly.  It just means it has the ability to draw you in – hook, line, and sinker. Min-Woo is a handsome, kind man who dates women for a living.  They hire … Continue reading Romance Blue

My Secret Romance

Watch My Secret Romance and be a part of Kdrama history. I’m sure you’ve heard me comment several times on the fact that the OCN Network dramas I’ve seen have all been tense, gritty, heavy shows – Neighborhood Hero, Tunnel, Dr. Frost, Missing Noir M… the list goes on and on. Well, I can’t say that … Continue reading My Secret Romance