I don’t believe it would be accurate for me to describe Nevertheless as a love story. It’s more like a lust story. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an erotic Kdrama! Not in the slightest. Yes, the main couple has an intimate physical relationship but other than some bare shoulders in bed, we don’t … Continue reading Nevertheless,


Imitation is a 12-episode/hour KBS2 drama based on the Park Kyung-Ran webtoon of the same name. The show ran from the beginning of May through the 23rd of July this year (2021) and is chock full of Kpop idols, which is perfect since the story is all about the South Korean idol industry. “In the … Continue reading Imitation

How to Be Thirty

Fans of the webtoon Born in 1985 must have been thrilled to discover it had been turned into a 15 episode (twenty minutes apiece) webdrama entitled How to Be Thirty. Aired in February of this year (2021), this engaging romance not surprisingly surpassed 13 million cumulative views in its first two weeks. Wow! The story … Continue reading How to Be Thirty