Romance Blue

Romance Blue…  It all seemed so real.  I almost forgot I was watching actors say lines.  Does that mean it’s a fantastic show? Not exactly.  It just means it has the ability to draw you in – hook, line, and sinker. Min-Woo is a handsome, kind man who dates women for a living.  They hire … Continue reading Romance Blue

My Secret Romance

Watch My Secret Romance and be a part of Kdrama history. I’m sure you’ve heard me comment several times on the fact that the OCN Network dramas I’ve seen have all been tense, gritty, heavy shows – Neighborhood Hero, Tunnel, Dr. Frost, Missing Noir M… the list goes on and on. Well, I can’t say that … Continue reading My Secret Romance

Radiant Office

Lustrous, brilliant, glowing, resplendent – all synonyms for the word radiant. So wouldn’t you think a Kdrama entitled Radiant Office would shout all the wonderful virtues of office life? That makes sense. But if that’s what you were thinking they tricked you like they tricked me. This show very plainly spells out all the evils of … Continue reading Radiant Office

My Shy Boss

In all honesty I began this show 100% ready to compare it to one of my top 20 Kdramas, Protect the Boss. However, the two are only alike in so much that the main character has a type of social disorder. So, if you decided to skip My Shy Boss thinking, “I’ve already seen Protect the Boss so I don’t need … Continue reading My Shy Boss