Taxi Driver

Seven minutes and 33 seconds into this drama I excitedly uttered the word “wow” out loud. Kdrama lovers – buckle up because you’re in for one helluva ride with this Taxi Driver. “Taxi Driver: (phone number)Don’t kill yourself, take revenge.We will do it for you.” When the victims of crime feel the law insufficiently punishes … Continue reading Taxi Driver


A ton and a half of hidden gold, a psychopathic CEO in charge of a corrupt company, and a convicted murderer dying of cancer – now throw in a mafia consigliere (advisor to the boss) who gets caught up in the whole thing and you have the captivating Kdrama Vincenzo. Vincenzo Cassano’s mother left him … Continue reading Vincenzo

Sisyphus: The Myth

As I neared the end of Sisyphus: The Myth I instinctively mumbled something under my breath, a word I had heard my dad utter hundreds of times while I was growing up, “screwy.” This fantasy drama has superb characters, amazing CGI, excellent special effects, wonderful acting, a fantastic villain, and a suspenseful plot, all nestled … Continue reading Sisyphus: The Myth