Oh My Baby

I was thrilled when I discovered Jang Na-Ra was starring in the new romantic comedy Oh My Baby. However, when I finished the show I felt just like I did when The Legend of the Blue Sea was over – slightly disappointed it didn’t live up to my expectations. After spending the past ten years … Continue reading Oh My Baby

Hot Stove League

Some of you might decide to skip this drama because you’re just not a big baseball enthusiast, but if you did that you’d be making a huge mistake. Hot Stove League is a show you absolutely should not miss. The baseball season just ended and Dreams has come in last, the same place they have … Continue reading Hot Stove League

Imaginary Cat

If you’re like me, and have put off watching Imaginary Cat because you thought it was going to star a cartoon-drawn feline, wait no longer. The cat is real and the show is fairly close to purrr-fection. Because of a tragic event in his life, Hyun Jong-Hyun had given up on his dream of becoming … Continue reading Imaginary Cat