At Eighteen

At Eighteen (aka Moment of Eighteen) isn’t just a teenage love story. This drama hits home as a call for each of us to strive to be our better self. After being forced to transfer schools, when he voluntarily took the blame for something he didn’t do, eighteen year old Choi Joon-Woo decides to be … Continue reading At Eighteen

Best Chicken

The minute this show ended I said out loud to myself, “I wasn’t impressed.” Sadly, I’m only able to classify Best Chicken as a so-so drama. Good thing it was only 12 episodes. After working at the prestigious company, Myeongseong Group, 28 year old Park Choi-Go decides to follow his dream and open a chicken … Continue reading Best Chicken

My Strange Hero

My Strange Hero could have been part of the Kdrama School series except for the fact that almost every main character is an adult. The story was entertaining and I enjoyed the characters but the thing that impressed me most was the directing. Grades mean nothing to Kang Bok-Soo so studying is not part of … Continue reading My Strange Hero