My Love Patzzi

Several years ago while watching Which Star Are You From? I fell in love with Kim Rae-Won which, frankly, wasn’t hard to do. After the show was over I immediately began looking for other things he had been in and came across My Love Patzzi. In need of a light romance, and with none of … Continue reading My Love Patzzi

Your House Helper

What would you call a handsome young man willing to happily clean up after you, give you organizational tips, do your laundry, and even cook dinner for you now and then?… Your House Helper, of course. Here’s another Kdrama whose plot isn’t as important as its characters. In fact, you could say the plot is … Continue reading Your House Helper

Wok of Love

For those of you who enjoy stories that lean more on the characters than they do on a plot, put Wok of Love on your watch list. The trials these people wade through are things that could happen to any one of us and watching them battle their way out of life’s pitfalls is quite … Continue reading Wok of Love

The Undateables

Want some free dating advice? Then turn on The Undateables, sit back, and take notes. The drama is chock full of great relationship information served up in an enjoyably romantic way by likeable characters that we want to see succeed in love. “Love is not something that you do. It’s something you fall into.” – … Continue reading The Undateables

My Mister

You’re going to have to gear up emotionally in order to watch My Mister (aka My Ahjussi). It’s hours of gut wrenching depression, one of those shows that makes you feel hopeless for the whole of humanity, UNTIL just a few minutes before the ending, an ending that cheers you on, encouraging a tiny shred … Continue reading My Mister