A simple story of hope and love – Chocolate warms our heart and leaves us with the desire to be a little kinder, a little better, and a lot more understanding. While on a trip to Wando, young Moon Cha-Young wanders into the yard of a restaurant and begins nibbling on something drying in the … Continue reading Chocolate

Doctor John

Ji Sung. The man is pure gold. And thanks, in part, to another superb Ji Sung performance, Heart & Seoul has added one more drama to its perfect score list – Doctor John. The show is Kdrama excellence at its best. “An illness is a despair to patients, and doctors are their hope.” – Doctor … Continue reading Doctor John


Hospital Ship was the last medical themed Kdrama I saw, just over seven months ago, so I figured it was about time for another one and that’s why I chose this show. However, it’s filled with much, much more than just sick people and stethoscopes. If you’re ready for an intense mystery then Cross is … Continue reading Cross

Hospital Ship

Ready for a fun, new twist on a medical Kdrama? Imagine you’re sick and live on a small, out of the way island that has no medical facility. Wouldn’t you look forward to the arrival of the doctors aboard the Hospital Ship? Too sick to make it to the harbor? No need to worry. These physicians … Continue reading Hospital Ship

Beautiful Mind

If you’re under the impression the new Korean drama Beautiful Mind is a remake of the Hollywood film entitled A Beautiful Mind, which is based on events in the life of mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr., think again.  The titles may be the same (plus or minus an “A”) but the two have completely different plots, … Continue reading Beautiful Mind