A simple story of hope and love – Chocolate warms our heart and leaves us with the desire to be a little kinder, a little better, and a lot more understanding. While on a trip to Wando, young Moon Cha-Young wanders into the yard of a restaurant and begins nibbling on something drying in the … Continue reading Chocolate

Doctor John

Ji Sung. The man is pure gold. And thanks, in part, to another superb Ji Sung performance, Heart & Seoul has added one more drama to its perfect score list – Doctor John. The show is Kdrama excellence at its best. “An illness is a despair to patients, and doctors are their hope.” – Doctor … Continue reading Doctor John


Hospital Ship was the last medical themed Kdrama I saw, just over seven months ago, so I figured it was about time for another one and that’s why I chose this show. However, it’s filled with much, much more than just sick people and stethoscopes. If you’re ready for an intense mystery then Cross is … Continue reading Cross