The Miracle

A wonderful lesson is learned when sisters swap bodies in the romantic fantasy webdrama The Miracle. Twin sisters – but as opposite as opposite can get.  Kwon Shi-Ah is slim, has long red hair, is selfish, down-right rude, and an actress and member of a girls’ Kpop group.  Kwon Shi-Yeon is overweight, has short black … Continue reading The Miracle


I love it when a drama’s over, the credits are rolling, and I’m all smiles. Don’t wait any longer to begin this show.  It’s out now in its entirety and my advice to you is – make it the next Kdrama you watch.  Entertainer is absolutely wonderful and does just what its title suggests – … Continue reading Entertainer

Page Turner

Wow, amazing, lump in your throat, uplifting, close to tears…  all good descriptions of Page Turner.  It’s the first 10 I’ve ever given a mini-drama and it’s very well deserved. When you have three hours available to sit and watch something, make sure you turn on Page Turner. The story is about three young people … Continue reading Page Turner