Imitation is a 12-episode/hour KBS2 drama based on the Park Kyung-Ran webtoon of the same name. The show ran from the beginning of May through the 23rd of July this year (2021) and is chock full of Kpop idols, which is perfect since the story is all about the South Korean idol industry. “In the … Continue reading Imitation


Replay (aka Replay: The Moment) is a 2021 love-triangle webdrama told in flashbacks – hence the name Replay. No twists, no turns, no surprise reveals – just a teenage love triangle, plain and simple. That’s all. Gong Chan-Young and Lee Ji-Hoon both liked Yoo Ha-Young. However, when Ji-Hoon lied and told Chan-Young that he and … Continue reading Replay

To. Jenny

While browsing through my webdrama list, I decided to watch a two-hour drama special entitled To. Jenny. Although the show obviously catered to the teenage crowd, I enjoyed it anyway. Although Park Jung-Min is an amazingly talented songwriter, lyricist, musician, and singer, a humiliating experience during an assembly in high school left him terrified to … Continue reading To. Jenny