One More Time

If the writer had at least been consistent One More Time (aka The Day After We Broke Up) would have been confusing at best. Unfortunately, this show is just a jumbled mess. Sadly, even though Kim Myung-Soo’s acting is really good and the soundtrack is excellent, this 2016 eight half-hour episode Netflix original just made … Continue reading One More Time

The Hymn of Death

The Hymn of Death (aka Praise of Death, He Hymn of Death, and Death Song) which is based on the life, love, and death of Kim U-Jin (a Korean poet and playwright) and his sweetheart Yun Sim-Deok (Korea’s first soprano) is one of the most emotionally stirring short dramas I’ve ever seen. The perfect way … Continue reading The Hymn of Death

The Miracle

A wonderful lesson is learned when sisters swap bodies in the romantic fantasy webdrama The Miracle. Twin sisters – but as opposite as opposite can get.  Kwon Shi-Ah is slim, has long red hair, is selfish, down-right rude, and an actress and member of a girls’ Kpop group.  Kwon Shi-Yeon is overweight, has short black … Continue reading The Miracle