Revolutionary Love

Choi Si-Won is back from his military service and better than ever in the romantic comedy that oh, so slightly mimics his real life, Revolutionary Love (aka Revolution). Gangsu Company is a humongous food conglomerate, owned and operated for three generations by the Byun family. Although CEO Byun Kang-Soo and his oldest son, Byun Woo-Sung, … Continue reading Revolutionary Love

Chief Kim

Chief Kim takes a look at the world of high finance, corrupt corporate business practices, and personal greed.  Sounds sinister, doesn’t it?  However, this drama chooses to take the evil edge off the plot by adding humor – and it works!  Without its silly, slapstick-type comedy this show might have ended up like Golden Cross – tense, dark, and … Continue reading Chief Kim

One More Happy Ending

Did I enjoy One More Happy Ending?  “Abso-freaking-lutely!”  – Mi-Mo Yippee!  We finally have 2016’s very first romantic comedy Kdrama.  There have been lots labeled “romantic comedy” but this one is truly worthy of being in the comedy genre.  Those are rare, folks.  Now we get to add One More Happy Ending to the funny pile right … Continue reading One More Happy Ending

Protect the Boss

Have you ever seen a Kdrama, classified as a romantic comedy, that you didn’t really laugh at?  I have.  In fact, I’ve seen tons of them.  But that’s definitely not the case with this show.  It’s quite worthy of being in the comedy genre.  I smiled, giggled and laughed through the whole thing and isn’t … Continue reading Protect the Boss

You’re Beautiful

What do you get when a sweet apprentice nun joins a rock band disguised as her twin brother?…  The wonderful Kdrama, You’re Beautiful.  You’re probably thinking, “Oh, no.  Not another ‘girl tries to pass herself off as a boy’ Kdrama.”  But this one’s different in that every once in awhile the make-up and wardrobe people … Continue reading You’re Beautiful