Run On

Run On is a fine show – even-keel, so-so, alright – but that’s pretty much it. I was almost resentful of the fact that I had other things to do when I was watching More Than Friends a couple weeks back, but while I was engaged in Run On I found myself deliberately doing things … Continue reading Run On

Hot Stove League

Some of you might decide to skip this drama because you’re just not a big baseball enthusiast, but if you did that you’d be making a huge mistake. Hot Stove League is a show you absolutely should not miss. The baseball season just ended and Dreams has come in last, the same place they have … Continue reading Hot Stove League


Here’s a great webdrama that’s been hiding at the bottom of my Viki queue for over a year and a half! I was looking for something that wasn’t the usual 16 or 20 hour time commitment and found something Short. That’s actually the show’s name – Short. The story is about two short track speed … Continue reading Short

Fight My Way

If asked to think of an amazing sports movie, I’m sure a host of people would have the 1976 Hollywood film Rocky at the top of their list – I know I would. This Kdrama has many things in common with that Oscar winning motion picture and, because of that, it was good old (fictional) heavy-weight … Continue reading Fight My Way