A Love So Beautiful

A Love So Beautiful is a feel-good coming-of-age story that spans a little over a decade. Education, friendship, unrequited love, finding a career path, true love, breakups, and marriage – this webdrama takes its characters through many of life’s trials and triumphs. It’s everything Kdrama fans could hope for. Seventeen-year-old Shin Sol-I is in love … Continue reading A Love So Beautiful

Live On

If you’ve ever read my About page, you know this website was developed for two main reasons – first, so I would have someone to talk to about Kdramas, and second, so I could give you a heads-up on what shows I personally feel would be a good use of your watching time. Sadly, Live … Continue reading Live On

Record of Youth

The people in Record of Youth could very well be your neighbors, colleagues, family members, or friends. They battle difficulties, deal with heartbreaks and disappointments, and rejoice in theirs, as well as others, triumphs. The story is about four young people who set out to achieve their career goals – two aspiring actors, one wannabe … Continue reading Record of Youth