Queen of Mystery

The biggest mystery in the Kdrama Queen of Mystery is: where did the ending go? Ten minutes before the end of episode 16 I thought, “If they don’t hurry, this show’s going to have one of those abrupt endings I hate.” Well, I was wrong. They didn’t hurry and, surprisingly, the ending wasn’t abrupt… because it wasn’t … Continue reading Queen of Mystery


Tunnel. Not since Nine: Nine Times Time Travel have I enjoyed a time travel drama so much. Tomorrow With You was very good but lacked the nail-biting suspense held by the other two. We get to watch, sitting on the edge of our seat, as Detective Park Kwang-Ho chases a serial killer suspect 30 years into … Continue reading Tunnel

Dr. Frost

Dr. Frost.  Sounds like the bad guy in a kids’ cartoon, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s actually a ten hour/episode Kdrama about a university psychologist who often helps the police with their crime investigations.  Some of the cases link together, connecting into the sub-plot which spans four episodes (not all in consecutive order) while others begin … Continue reading Dr. Frost


It’s been 13 dramas (three months) since I last gave a 10 rating in a review. Well, the count starts over now with Defendant. The show is an oh-so-good, tense, emotional rollercoaster ride with multi-award winning actor Ji Sung at the controls. Park Jung-Woo is a top prosecutor and loving family man. One day he awakens … Continue reading Defendant


OCN Network’s newest drama, simply entitled Voice, is intense, brutal, dark, grizzly, and completely riveting. The very beginning of the show flashes these words, “Although inspired by true events, the characters and cases are fictional.” As Officer Moo Jin-Hyuk and his team of detectives are fighting a gang of criminals a phone call from his wife … Continue reading Voice

Missing 9

Captivating and compelling.  Those are the two best words to describe the 16 episode Kdrama Missing 9.  A private plane carrying beloved entertainment idols crashes into the sea and one lone person returns, four months later, with all memories of that time lost.  Sounds good, huh? Five stars, along with some management, from Legend Entertainment … Continue reading Missing 9