8 thoughts on “Alice”

  1. For me, Alice started out well, and I was excited as I am a great sci-fi and time travel fan. Then it shifted gear into something where I thought the story was at odds with itself, and as you point out, it went against the time travel rules it had established. So, I ended up dropping it in the end.


    1. If you were that unhappy with its inconsistencies it’s probably good you didn’t finish it. The ending would have really bothered you. If you like sci-fi time travel shows I suggest you give Nine: Nine Times Time Travel a shot. It’s my favorite!

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      1. I just thought of another excellent time travel show – Splash Splash Love. It’s the first webdrama I gave a perfect 10 to. You can find it on and it’s only two hours long. If you decide to watch it, and I hope you do, let me know what you thought. Also, since you said you’d give Nine: Nine Times Time Travel a try, I’ll eagerly await your thoughts on it, too. Happy watching!

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      2. Yes, I have seen Splash Splash Love (on wiki) and I gave it a 10 too. I thought it was wonderful – I enjoyed the story and the acting was on point for me. I think Kim Seul Gi is a marvellous actress (as many comedic actors are)! I have now tracked down Nine: Nine Times Time Travel


      3. I knew you’d like Splash Splash Love, and I think you’ll enjoy Nine: Nine Times Time Travel even more. Go slowly and carefully, in fact, my review on it may be of some help before you begin watching. I read several comments of the show after I finished it and I was amazed that everyone complained about the ending because they “didn’t understand” it. I’m sure you’ll get it, though, because you’re a fellow time travel lover. Let me know what you think when you’re done. Happy watching!


  2. I enjoyed reading your review of ‘Alice’. I went to your ‘Contact Us’ page to discuss ‘Alice’ regarding spoilers and there is no way to to contact you there. How can I contact you?


    1. It’s great you want to discuss Alice further and I’m glad you didn’t want to put spoilers in the comment section of the page. You went to the right place to contact me – go to ‘Contact Us’ and scroll the entire way down. There is a spot that says ‘Leave a Reply, Enter your comment here…’ If that still doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix it. I’m excited to hear from you again!

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