Sisyphus: The Myth

4 thoughts on “Sisyphus: The Myth”

  1. I thought the weird people were deformed because they travelled back in time and they failed to download correctly ie their molecules didn’t reassemble properly.I might be wrong though.

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    1. Oh…. that thought never crossed my mind but it does make sense! Now I remember, they ARE told things could go wrong during downloading. Bingo! I think you nailed it. Thanks for your insightful comment!


  2. A great review Sarah! This was such a wow for me to start with. I thought “yes, finally a really good sci-fi kdrama reminiscent of some the great shows.” The premise is superb. The acting is great. I really enjoyed the distopian future scenes. Then the last quarter was disappointing and Eddy as a character, quite pointless.

    I thought Park Shin Hye was fabulous. As for Cho Seung-Woo, he was awesome. You really need to watch Stranger 1 and 2. These two shows are almost without peer in kdramaland and his performance is the best you will see of any actor. (Bae Doo Na is awesome in both seasons too along with Shin Hye-Sun in Stranger 1 – it is at this point you realise how good she is).

    My final score for Sisyphus was 8.5 but only because I enjoyed most of the final episode 😉


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