Born Again

A bit over the top on the melodrama and fantasy side but quite interesting on the mystery side. Different times and different people are creatively blended into one in the new Kdrama Born Again. Three people’s fate are intricately intertwined – even after death. Thirty year old lies, a trail of dead bodies, and false … Continue reading Born Again

Sweet Munchies

Did you know Lee Min-Ho and Jung Il-Woo have been friends since they were kids? Interestingly enough, both guys have something in common as actors – Lee Min-Ho starred in the 2010 Kdrama Personal Taste, playing a guy who pretends to be gay, and a decade later Jung Il-Woo tackles the same kind of role … Continue reading Sweet Munchies

How Are U Bread

A pinch of destiny, a cup of fate, a heaping teaspoonful of fantasy, and a pound of true love – that’s what we get in the 2020 South Korean-Chinese webdrama How Are U Bread. Han Dae-Gyu, the country’s best and most revered rice cake master, disowned his only son, Han Do-Woo, when he decided to … Continue reading How Are U Bread

Oh My Baby

I was thrilled when I discovered Jang Na-Ra was starring in the new romantic comedy Oh My Baby. However, when I finished the show I felt just like I did when The Legend of the Blue Sea was over – slightly disappointed it didn’t live up to my expectations. After spending the past ten years … Continue reading Oh My Baby