Hi Bye, Mama!

Is it a fantasy, a romance, or ghost story? It’s actually a combination of all of those – with a twist. When a ghost is given the chance to live again, will she grab the opportunity to take back what was hers before she died or choose to give it all up? Find out in … Continue reading Hi Bye, Mama!


Ready for a little romance and a puzzling mystery set in a tiny village amidst a lush Forest? Well, keep reading… When Director Kang San-Hyeong is rushed to Myeongseong University Hospital due to a phantom pain in his hand, he meets Doctor Jung Young-Jae under less than favorable circumstances. In the hospital cafeteria, much to … Continue reading Forest


A sweet romance set among the make-up industry. If that sounds interesting to you, Touch is the drama you need to see. Top make-up artist to the stars, Cha Jeong-Hyeok’s team, is hired to do the make-up for a Kpop idol audition. As usual, he does an over-the-top job but trainee Han Soo-Yeon, because the … Continue reading Touch