Hello, Me!

In 2011 Kim Hye-Jung released a novel entitled Fantastic Girl upon which the new fantasy drama Hello, Me! was based. The story tells of a teenager who travels forward in time and is shocked when she discovers how much she has changed – and it’s not for the better. When it rains, it pours – … Continue reading Hello, Me!

Scripting Your Destiny

Two months ago, (2021) tvN aired a fantasy romance drama entitled Scripting Your Destiny. The story centers around a god of destiny who falls in love with a mortal while writing her fate. “Love… a gift from God for the courageous.” – Scripting Your Destiny Ho-Yoon, a junior god of destiny, boasts that Jung Ba-Reum’s … Continue reading Scripting Your Destiny

Sisyphus: The Myth

As I neared the end of Sisyphus: The Myth I instinctively mumbled something under my breath, a word I had heard my dad utter hundreds of times while I was growing up, “screwy.” This fantasy drama has superb characters, amazing CGI, excellent special effects, wonderful acting, a fantastic villain, and a suspenseful plot, all nestled … Continue reading Sisyphus: The Myth

Must You Go?

I haven’t seen a really great time travel show in quite a while and, unfortunately, after watching Must You Go? that statement is still true. Present:Min Yoo-Jung’s life is turned upside down when she meets an obviously delusional young man named Park Yoon who claims he is a famous musician from the Joseon era. After … Continue reading Must You Go?