Go Back Couple

Lately, it seems there’s been an influx of time travel Kdramas – Manhole, Hit the Top, Chicago Typewriter, Tunnel, Tomorrow With You, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Splash Splash Love… – and I, for one, don’t think I’ll ever be tired of them. I love the fantasy surrounding that particular plot. And sometimes, when we’re lucky, we even … Continue reading Go Back Couple

Hospital Ship

Ready for a fun, new twist on a medical Kdrama? Imagine you’re sick and live on a small, out of the way island that has no medical facility. Wouldn’t you look forward to the arrival of the doctors aboard the Hospital Ship? Too sick to make it to the harbor? No need to worry. These physicians … Continue reading Hospital Ship


In 2007 Fuji TV aired the Japanese drama Operation Love, the story of a man who is able to go back in time, with the aid of a fairy, to try and stop the woman he loves from marrying another man. In 2012 South Korea broadcasted a remake of the show, this one titled Operation … Continue reading Manhole


This drama is good, very good. So good, in fact, I’m baffled as to why there’s not more hype surrounding it. If you like crime/action/thrillers Lookout (aka Guardians) is a definite must see – 100% entertainment. Did I mention it’s good? When the law can’t, or won’t, punish the criminals responsible for the death of … Continue reading Lookout