True Beauty

Yeoshingangrim, written by Yaongyi, is a webcomic that was recently made into a Kdrama by the same name – True Beauty. Harassed and made into the “dumpling shuttle” for simply being “ugly,” Im Ju-Kyung has been going through hell at Yong-Ha High School. After her father is swindled out of a hefty sum of money, the … Continue reading True Beauty

Love Alarm 1 & 2

Yippee! The long-awaited Love Alarm 2 is now a reality which means Jo-Jo has made a choice. Does she want Hwang Sun-Oh, Lee Hye-Young, or neither? I remember watching the first season of Love Alarm, having no idea the drama had a cliffhanger ending. I got to the end of the eighth, and final episode (of season one) … Continue reading Love Alarm 1 & 2

Irish Uppercut

As I was scrolling through’s extensive webdrama list I saw a tiny picture of Kim Ji-Suk so I stopped, clicked on Irish Uppercut, and quickly read the plot synopsis. It sounded interesting enough so I began watching. Feeling overwhelmed with money trouble, grief at the death of an old woman he loved as a … Continue reading Irish Uppercut

A Love So Beautiful

A Love So Beautiful is a feel-good coming-of-age story that spans a little over a decade. Education, friendship, unrequited love, finding a career path, true love, breakups, and marriage – this webdrama takes its characters through many of life’s trials and triumphs. It’s everything Kdrama fans could hope for. Seventeen-year-old Shin Sol-I is in love … Continue reading A Love So Beautiful