Melting Me Softly

April 27, 2019 – a glorious day for Kdrama lovers – the day Ji Chang-Wook was discharged from his mandatory military assignment. And less than two months later, this phenomenal actor was participating in the first script reading of the delicious, new, fantasy-romance comedy Melting Me Softly. “Challenging oneself to do what nobody else will … Continue reading Melting Me Softly


There’s a short webdrama called Wind-Bell that teaches us about love, forgiveness, and family. Although it’s lessons are excellent, the show itself is only mediocre. Short and sweet – the story is about an award-winning author named Daniel who was born in South Korea, adopted and taken to America as a young boy, and is … Continue reading Wind-Bell

Nightmare Teacher

I wanted to find a spooky yet short Kdrama for you to watch Halloween night as you waited for trick-or-treaters to ring your doorbell. Nightmare Teacher (aka Nightmare High) sounded like it would be perfect – 12 episodes each about 15 minutes a piece and the word “nightmare” was right there in the title. However, … Continue reading Nightmare Teacher