Ready for a little romance and a puzzling mystery set in a tiny village amidst a lush Forest? Well, keep reading… When Director Kang San-Hyeong is rushed to Myeongseong University Hospital due to a phantom pain in his hand, he meets Doctor Jung Young-Jae under less than favorable circumstances. In the hospital cafeteria, much to … Continue reading Forest


A sweet romance set among the make-up industry. If that sounds interesting to you, Touch is the drama you need to see. Top make-up artist to the stars, Cha Jeong-Hyeok’s team, is hired to do the make-up for a Kpop idol audition. As usual, he does an over-the-top job but trainee Han Soo-Yeon, because the … Continue reading Touch

My Holo Love

In 2016 the computer program AlphaGo beat the former professional Go Player Lee Sedol in a historic match and it was that incredible game that inspired Ryu Yong-Jae to write the story that became the 12 episode Kdrama My Holo Love. GIO Lab, a leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has just invented an amazing … Continue reading My Holo Love

Hot Stove League

Some of you might decide to skip this drama because you’re just not a big baseball enthusiast, but if you did that you’d be making a huge mistake. Hot Stove League is a show you absolutely should not miss. The baseball season just ended and Dreams has come in last, the same place they have … Continue reading Hot Stove League

Crash Landing on You

Superb, fantastic, excellent, tremendous, wonderful, magnificent, splendid, terrific – Crash Landing on You. It’s a powerful, beautiful love story that warmed my heart as it made me cry. I dare say it’s one of the top three, best romance Kdramas I’ve ever seen. Se-Ri’s Choice is about to introduce a new line, sports clothing, and … Continue reading Crash Landing on You


I never really have high expectations when I begin a webdrama. The budget can’t compare to a major Kdrama so I know right from the start there won’t be many top actors/actresses, the writer and director won’t have previously worked on anything big, it’s unlikely to have a large soundtrack, and the shorter length will … Continue reading Spark