When Time Stopped

I was really looking forward to watching When Time Stopped for a few reasons… First and foremost it stars Kim Hyun-Joong and this is his first drama since returning from his mandatory military assignment. Second, it looked like it was categorized as a romance drama and I haven’t seen a really great love story since … Continue reading When Time Stopped


Think of Robin Hood – robbing from the wicked, rich people and giving to the poor but, in the case of Player there’s a little twist, the poor are themselves. Expert con man, Kang Ha-Ri has gathered the best of the best to make up his band of merry men, plus one woman. The little … Continue reading Player

Your Honor

Can a young man who has been in the defendant’s chair on multiple occasions secretly pull off being a judge? In Kdramaland he can. Find out how he accomplishes such an amazing task in the new courtroom drama Your Honor. After being released from prison for the fifth time, Han Kang-Ho goes over to his … Continue reading Your Honor

Bad Guys

If you believe in giving people second chances, I think you’ll appreciate the Kdrama Bad Guys. Notice I didn’t say you’d enjoy the show but rather that you would appreciate it. This drama is filled to overflowing with gratuitous violence which made it difficult to actually enjoy, but I did appreciate it – a lot. … Continue reading Bad Guys