I was simply captivated with Dazzling (aka Radiant, aka The Light in Your Eyes) right up until the end of the tenth episode which left me dazed and confused. “What?” I asked myself. Then going on to episode 11 I thought, “Ohhhhhh, so…” – and then the minute the show ended I wanted to start … Continue reading Dazzling

The Third Charm

Not since Triple can I remember a Kdrama that portrayed love and relationships in as real a way as The Third Charm does. To say I loved this drama is putting it mildly. Shows that pull my heart into the story are always my favorites and as I watched this I recognized what I was … Continue reading The Third Charm

Beauty Inside

About six months ago I was finally able to see a Korean movie that had been on my radar for a couple years – The Beauty Inside which was based on the 2012 American social internet series of the same name. I enjoyed it and was a bit surprised that it made me think a … Continue reading Beauty Inside

Best Chicken

The minute this show ended I said out loud to myself, “I wasn’t impressed.” Sadly, I’m only able to classify Best Chicken as a so-so drama. Good thing it was only 12 episodes. After working at the prestigious company, Myeongseong Group, 28 year old Park Choi-Go decides to follow his dream and open a chicken … Continue reading Best Chicken