Solomon’s Perjury

On March 7, 2015 Japan released the first part of a two part suspense-mystery film based on the novel Solomon’s Perjury by author Miyuki Myiabe. Now, Korea’s turned that same book into a 12 episode Kdrama using the same name. If you enjoy mysteries this one needs to go on your “Kdramas I need to watch” … Continue reading Solomon’s Perjury

My Shy Boss

In all honesty I began this show 100% ready to compare it to one of my top 20 Kdramas, Protect the Boss. However, the two are only alike in so much that the main character has a type of social disorder. So, if you decided to skip My Shy Boss thinking, “I’ve already seen Protect the Boss so I don’t need … Continue reading My Shy Boss

Tomorrow With You

Time travel shows.  I, for one, love them and Tomorrow With You did not disappoint me.  Are you ready for a wow love story?  First of all, do not believe the brief synopsis on DramaFever.  It says the couple end up in a “selfish, loveless marriage.”  Oh ha!  There’s no truth to that at all. After barely avoiding … Continue reading Tomorrow With You

Chief Kim

Chief Kim takes a look at the world of high finance, corrupt corporate business practices, and personal greed.  Sounds sinister, doesn’t it?  However, this drama chooses to take the evil edge off the plot by adding humor – and it works!  Without its silly, slapstick-type comedy this show might have ended up like Golden Cross – tense, dark, and … Continue reading Chief Kim


It’s been 13 dramas (three months) since I last gave a 10 rating in a review. Well, the count starts over now with Defendant. The show is an oh-so-good, tense, emotional rollercoaster ride with multi-award winning actor Ji Sung at the controls. Park Jung-Woo is a top prosecutor and loving family man. One day he awakens … Continue reading Defendant