Radio Romance

I really had high hopes for Radio Romance. Although Kim So-Hyun’s not on my favorites list, she is a very good actress and I was excited to see her take on an adult roll. Also, the story being set among the backdrop of radio broadcasting was an original idea that sounded interesting to me. But, … Continue reading Radio Romance


Return‘s antagonists reminded me a bit of the ones in Golden Cross and Reset. The horrible bad guys are nothing short of evil scum who have no business sharing the planet with decent, normal folks. I am definitely one who believes in repentance and second chances but this show clearly points out the fact that … Continue reading Return


Do you like stories full of magic, dragons, and demons? If you said “yes” you’re going to love the Hong sisters’ newest fantasy romance, Hwayugi (aka A Korean Odyssey). This show is amazing! The drama is all about some demons who try to help a young woman stop the end of the world from taking place. Ever … Continue reading Hwayugi