Imagine you could see, in perfect detail, a person’s memories – good and bad. From 2016 to 2018 the Korean web portal Daum published a thriller/mystery webcomic about a detective that catches criminals by using his amazing ability to read other’s memories. Now you can see that story come to life in the Kdrama of … Continue reading Memorist

Eccentric! Chef Moon

As if we don’t have enough fish-out-of-water-due-to-amnesia Kdramas, Eccentric! Chef Moon recycles that tired, old plot, plopping a handful of really good actors into an eehh sort of show. When an automobile accident leaves Yoo Yoo-Jin (who is secretly the beloved fashion designer Yoo Bella) without a single memory, she is wholeheartedly embraced and adopted … Continue reading Eccentric! Chef Moon