My Holo Love

In 2016 the computer program AlphaGo beat the former professional Go Player Lee Sedol in a historic match and it was that incredible game that inspired Ryu Yong-Jae to write the story that became the 12 episode Kdrama My Holo Love. GIO Lab, a leader of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has just invented an amazing … Continue reading My Holo Love


I never really have high expectations when I begin a webdrama. The budget can’t compare to a major Kdrama so I know right from the start there won’t be many top actors/actresses, the writer and director won’t have previously worked on anything big, it’s unlikely to have a large soundtrack, and the shorter length will … Continue reading Spark


You’ve got a serial killer and you’ve got a guy who can bring people back from the dead… Abyss’ premise was interesting but the writing just didn’t do it justice. By episode ten I was ready for it to end. There was no reason to stretch it out so long, and stretching was exactly what … Continue reading Abyss

Melting Me Softly

April 27, 2019 – a glorious day for Kdrama lovers – the day Ji Chang-Wook was discharged from his mandatory military assignment. And less than two months later, this phenomenal actor was participating in the first script reading of the delicious, new, fantasy-romance comedy Melting Me Softly. “Challenging oneself to do what nobody else will … Continue reading Melting Me Softly