Irish Uppercut

As I was scrolling through’s extensive webdrama list I saw a tiny picture of Kim Ji-Suk so I stopped, clicked on Irish Uppercut, and quickly read the plot synopsis. It sounded interesting enough so I began watching. Feeling overwhelmed with money trouble, grief at the death of an old woman he loved as a … Continue reading Irish Uppercut

Sweet Home

The recent hype concerning Sweet Home, coupled with the fact that it stars two people on my favorites lists, made this show impossible for me to pass up. The ten-episode drama, which was released a week before Christmas last year (2020) is based on the Hwang Young-Chan and Kim Kan-Bi webtoon of the same name. … Continue reading Sweet Home


I found Search to be intense and captivating, all ten hours of it. Yes, it has faults, but I zipped through each episode, excited to see what was coming next. In 1997 the DMZ was the setting of massive bloodshed and traitorous behavior from both sides of the 38th parallel. As soldiers from the North … Continue reading Search

I Am. . .

The webdrama I Am… was frustrating. The poor thing was lacking in so many ways. I was surprised no one pointed out the inadequacies and said, “Folks, let’s fix these before we shoot this drama.” A scientist who has researched artificial intelligence leaves his android, Angel #1, in the care of his adult kids (Eun-Woo … Continue reading I Am. . .