Wild Romance

I had stayed away from Wild Romance because a love story about a baseball player and his bodyguard didn’t sound like my cup of tea.  Oh, how very wrong I was! The thing that surprised me was Wild Romance being more than just a love story.  Park Moo-Yeol is a baseball player who is the … Continue reading Wild Romance


Pinocchio Syndrome is something fictitious but in the Kdrama Pinocchio it’s played out to be a real thing.  If someone suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome their body reacts in a strange way whenever they lie, and Choi In-Ha is a “Pinocchio”.  She hiccups whenever she says something untrue.  Can you imagine how irritating that would be?  … Continue reading Pinocchio


I had heard Iris was a pretty popular show but I put off watching it because I was enjoying romantic comedies at the time.  I’m glad I didn’t wait too long.  Now I know why it’s such an acclaimed Kdrama.  Iris is one kick-ass show!  It should be dubbed in every major language in the … Continue reading Iris