Healer is downright captivating – a great story that was put together well and executed with precision.  It definitely ranks right up there with the best of the best.  This is something anyone can enjoy.   There’s enough exciting action, mysterious past to unravel, and tender romance to suit even the pickiest Kdrama watcher. Imagine a … Continue reading Healer

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

“I have made my return.”  That’s what Hyun Bin’s character says in the first episode of Hyde, Jekyll, Me (also known as Hyde, Jekyll, and I).  Hyun Bin’s been gone from Kdramas since his wonderful performance as the arrogant, rich, lovable Kim Joo-Wan in Secret Garden in 2010, so I couldn’t help but smile when … Continue reading Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Wild Romance

I had stayed away from Wild Romance because a love story about a baseball player and his bodyguard didn’t sound like my cup of tea.  Oh, how very wrong I was! The thing that surprised me was Wild Romance being more than just a love story.  Park Moo-Yeol is a baseball player who is the … Continue reading Wild Romance


Pinocchio Syndrome is something fictitious but in the Kdrama Pinocchio it’s played out to be a real thing.  If someone suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome their body reacts in a strange way whenever they lie, and Choi In-Ha is a “Pinocchio”.  She hiccups whenever she says something untrue.  Can you imagine how irritating that would be?  … Continue reading Pinocchio


I had heard Iris was a pretty popular show but I put off watching it because I was enjoying romantic comedies at the time.  I’m glad I didn’t wait too long.  Now I know why it’s such an acclaimed Kdrama.  Iris is one kick-ass show!  It should be dubbed in every major language in the … Continue reading Iris