Oh My Ghostess

You know those dramas that sound really interesting and then you actually watch them and think, “This wasn’t even half as good as I thought it would be”?  Well, we’ve got just the opposite in Oh My Ghostess.  It sure fooled me. I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.  It’s a … Continue reading Oh My Ghostess


What one thing do you think of when I say the words surgeon and vampire?  Maybe… blood?  So, if you were going to write a Kdrama about a vampire who is a surgeon, what would you call it?  How about… Blood? Park Ji-Sang is the new, chief surgeon at Taemin Cancer Hospital.  He’s renown for … Continue reading Blood

Secret Garden

Do you want to know what the best fantasy love story ever acted out is?  Secret Garden.  Not the one you may be thinking of.  This Secret Garden is a Kdrama, one of the very best, in fact.  If someone said to me, “I’m only going to watch one Korean drama and then I’ll never … Continue reading Secret Garden

Nail Shop Paris

I was sadly disappointed with Nail Shop Paris.  I had been looking forward to another “girl fools people in to thinking she’s a boy” drama but this one fell flat. For me, Nail Shop Paris isn’t like an ordinary Kdrama.  The episodes don’t follow each other like other dramas I’ve watched.  They are more like … Continue reading Nail Shop Paris

Mr. Baek

I don’t know why the Kdrama is titled Mr. Baek when the main character’s name is Choi Go-Bong.  That bothered me throughout the whole show.  There wasn’t a single Mr. Baek in the entire thing.  (Did I miss something?  Were they alluding to the fact that he came “back” as a young guy?)  Oh, well.  … Continue reading Mr. Baek