I found it, I finally found it!  Yahoo and hallelujah!  I had wanted to see the drama Friends for quite some time but was never able to find the whole thing.  YouTube would have the first half of one episode and the last half of another, but pieces of different parts does not a coherent … Continue reading Friends

One Sunny Day

One Sunny Day is an easygoing, ten episode webdrama about finding love when and where you least expect it.  We get to follow two people as they discover the wonderful stranger right next to them. There are three signs in the show that do some great foreshadowing.  One reads… “It’s completely empty, so it will … Continue reading One Sunny Day

Love in Memory

Wah Hoo!  How lucky I was to have found one more fine webdrama – Love in Memory.  Award winning actor and actress, Jung Gyu-Woon and Jo Yoon-Hee are what attracted me to the very good, one hour (six episodes, 10 minutes each) love-triangle tale in the first place.  I’ve liked them both in several Kdramas … Continue reading Love in Memory