Reset is a 2014 crime/thriller Kdrama that’s… what is it, exactly?  It’s tense, dark, violent, mysterious, unsettling, and a bit difficult to figure out.  But it was also compelling enough for me to keep watching. As a teenager, Cha Woo-Jin was with his girlfriend, Seung-Hee, when she became the victim of the brutal crime of rape. … Continue reading Reset


I found it, I finally found it!  Yahoo and hallelujah!  I had wanted to see the drama Friends for quite some time but was never able to find the whole thing.  YouTube would have the first half of one episode and the last half of another, but pieces of different parts does not a coherent … Continue reading Friends

High Society

This drama definitely did not put rich Koreans in a good light.  There are four people we get to meet, up close and personal – two come from tremendously wealthy families and the other two  were raised in families where it was a struggle financially just to get by.  I think the writer was trying … Continue reading High Society

Oh My Ghostess

You know those dramas that sound really interesting and then you actually watch them and think, “This wasn’t even half as good as I thought it would be”?  Well, we’ve got just the opposite in Oh My Ghostess.  It sure fooled me. I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.  It’s a … Continue reading Oh My Ghostess