Hyde, Jekyll, Me

“I have made my return.”  That’s what Hyun Bin’s character says in the first episode of Hyde, Jekyll, Me (also known as Hyde, Jekyll, and I).  Hyun Bin’s been gone from Kdramas since his wonderful performance as the arrogant, rich, lovable Kim Joo-Wan in Secret Garden in 2010, so I couldn’t help but smile when … Continue reading Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I Need Romance 3

I Need Romance 3 is an honest look at life and love.  We get to follow all the twists, turns, ups, downs, smiles, and tears in the love lives of eight very different people who are all tied together through their jobs and friendship. Joo Wan is the son of very wealthy parents who were … Continue reading I Need Romance 3

Protect the Boss

Have you ever seen a Kdrama, classified as a romantic comedy, that you didn’t really laugh at?  I have.  In fact, I’ve seen tons of them.  But that’s definitely not the case with this show.  It’s quite worthy of being in the comedy genre.  I smiled, giggled and laughed through the whole thing and isn’t … Continue reading Protect the Boss

Personal Taste

We’re all familiar with those Kdramas where a girl, for some reason or another, masquerades as a man.  Sometimes it happens very accidentally (like in Coffee Prince).  Someone gets the wrong idea and as long as people think it’s true, there just may be a big pay off for the misunderstood person if they go … Continue reading Personal Taste

Kill Me, Heal Me

I don’t think the words I use will be enough to describe just how wonderful Kill Me, Heal Me is.  Wow, fantastic, amazing, awesome all fall short of being accurate adjectives.  Ji Sung’s acting far excells the superb performances he’s given us in the past and as I watched I kept praying the writers wouldn’t … Continue reading Kill Me, Heal Me

You’re Beautiful

What do you get when a sweet apprentice nun joins a rock band disguised as her twin brother?…  The wonderful Kdrama, You’re Beautiful.  You’re probably thinking, “Oh, no.  Not another ‘girl tries to pass herself off as a boy’ Kdrama.”  But this one’s different in that every once in awhile the make-up and wardrobe people … Continue reading You’re Beautiful

Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata is the second drama in the seasoned-themed Endless Love series.  The drama was so popular it has been considered by many to be the drama that began the Korean Wave throughout Asia and worldwide.  Beloved by many, the drama was adapted into an anime series, a Japanese manga series, and on its 10th … Continue reading Winter Sonata