Lie to Me

As far as romantic Kdramas go, Lie to Me is one of the best ever.  The fact that sexy Kang Ji-Hwan and darling Yoon Eun-Hye have some slick chemistry going on may be one of the reasons it’s so good.  Or perhaps it’s the fun characters that actually show emotional growth over time. Or maybe … Continue reading Lie to Me


I had heard Iris was a pretty popular show but I put off watching it because I was enjoying romantic comedies at the time.  I’m glad I didn’t wait too long.  Now I know why it’s such an acclaimed Kdrama.  Iris is one kick-ass show!  It should be dubbed in every major language in the … Continue reading Iris

Golden Cross

If you like Kdramas with bad guys, Golden Cross has an abundance of them.  Every bad guy has another bad guy he’s able to manipulate and it seems to fan out in a never-ending web throughout the whole world.  No kidding.  Even the good guys “bend the law” and the upright pursuit of justice becomes … Continue reading Golden Cross