Her Lovely Heels

Short but sweet.  Those three words describe Her Lovely Heels, perfectly.  It’s a delightful story about Ji-Hoo and Tae-Soo, two people who find love in an unlikely place – a shoe store. A big sign outside a shoe store announces a 50% off sale – way too tempting for Ji-Hoo and her friend to pass … Continue reading Her Lovely Heels


Healer is downright captivating – a great story that was put together well and executed with precision.  It definitely ranks right up there with the best of the best.  This is something anyone can enjoy.   There’s enough exciting action, mysterious past to unravel, and tender romance to suit even the pickiest Kdrama watcher. Imagine a … Continue reading Healer

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

“I have made my return.”  That’s what Hyun Bin’s character says in the first episode of Hyde, Jekyll, Me (also known as Hyde, Jekyll, and I).  Hyun Bin’s been gone from Kdramas since his wonderful performance as the arrogant, rich, lovable Kim Joo-Wan in Secret Garden in 2010, so I couldn’t help but smile when … Continue reading Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I Need Romance 3

I Need Romance 3 is an honest look at life and love.  We get to follow all the twists, turns, ups, downs, smiles, and tears in the love lives of eight very different people who are all tied together through their jobs and friendship. Joo Wan is the son of very wealthy parents who were … Continue reading I Need Romance 3