Secret Garden

Do you want to know what the best fantasy love story ever acted out is?  Secret Garden.  Not the one you may be thinking of.  This Secret Garden is a Kdrama, one of the very best, in fact.  If someone said to me, “I’m only going to watch one Korean drama and then I’ll never … Continue reading Secret Garden


Pinocchio Syndrome is something fictitious but in the Kdrama Pinocchio it’s played out to be a real thing.  If someone suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome their body reacts in a strange way whenever they lie, and Choi In-Ha is a “Pinocchio”.  She hiccups whenever she says something untrue.  Can you imagine how irritating that would be?  … Continue reading Pinocchio

Oh! My Lady

The very first Kdrama I ever saw, I watched for the sole purpose of seeing how well Choi Si-Won (Siwon from Super Junior) could act, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Not by a long shot.  Although young, he pulled off the handsome, charming, leading-man role like a pro.  By the time I was about six episodes … Continue reading Oh! My Lady