Coffee Prince

Impressive, entertaining, daring, thought provoking, bold, polished, emotional – that’s Coffee Prince.  This 2007 smash-hit Kdrama is one I wish everyone would see.  You don’t even need to be a Kdrama fan to enjoy it. Choi Han-Kyul is a single guy, raised in a well-to-do family.  His grandmother is the matriarch, a no nonsense business … Continue reading Coffee Prince

City Hunter

Lee Min-Ho’s character, Lee Yun-Seong, in City Hunter is a cross between John Rambo (in the first 2 episodes) and Jason Bourne (in all the remaining ones).  He’s utterly amazing!  There’s pretty much nothing that character can’t do!  There’s a cool scene in a locker room where he fights a bad guy. Maybe “fights” isn’t … Continue reading City Hunter

Blade Man

It’s a super hero love story!  Blade Man may sound a bit strange, and the first episode had me wondering if I really wanted to go through 17 more hours of what I had just seen, but I kept on going and really, really enjoyed it. Joo Hong-Bin has no idea what happens when he’s … Continue reading Blade Man