Kill Me, Heal Me

4 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me”

  1. yep, loved this drama for the exact same reasons you have put here….and since i came across this, am going through a few of your top 20 dramas to see if I want to check any other dramas out…thanks for the reviews!


    1. I’m glad Kill Me, Heal Me has another fan. It’s an amazingly entertaining show. I hope my top 20 favorite dramas list will be helpful. Don’t count out the old ones. Good is good no mater how old it is. Also, if you go to each of my favorite drama’s actual review you can see what drama I removed in order to put on the new one. Those were once on my list and are worth watching, as well. Check out the perfect score list, too. There are some dramas that are a repeat from my favorite list but lots of them are different. Don’t forget to look at the least favorite list. Hopefully that will keep you from wasting your time on not so good dramas. Please let me know what dramas you like and which ones you didn’t care for. I’m always curious to hear about other peoples preferences. Happy drama watching!


  2. Thank you for the review. As you can see from my other reply in Ji Sung’s drama reviews, I am so happy to have found his dramas! I was not a big K drama fan in the past and only had one favorite actor who is no longer active! I agree with all of your assessments of this drama, it is beyond fantastic and JS’s acting is of course supreme. He makes each personality so believable.


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