6 thoughts on “Entertainer”

  1. I am late to the party but watching all the Ji Sung dramas now! Thank you for all the reviews. He is such a great actor and seriously can take on any role. This is especially rare for a gorgeous guy like him. Many actors that handsome get stuck in playing to a certain imagine but not JS! I hope to see him in another new drama in 2020 soon!


    1. I’m thrilled you’ve been watching Ji Sung dramas. There are two I want to suggest you put on your watch list – Protect the Boss and Save the Last Dance For Me. The first is a comedy (I laughed throughout the entire thing) and he does a superb job, as always. The other is a really hokey melodrama. His character gets amnesia, twice, and there’s a whole lot of evil folks scheming against the sweethearts, but I really enjoyed it. (A fun tidbit of information – he ended up marrying, in real life, the horrible gal in that show.) Let me know what you think of both dramas once you’ve seen them. Happy watching.


  2. Thank you for the recommendation! I was just finishing up Protect the boss and I love it! I cannot find Save the last dance for me on Viki or other sites with english subtitle yet so will have to do some more searching. I am planning to watch New Heart and Royal Family which are on Viki. Gosh, I hope he or his agency give us some updates soon.


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