4 thoughts on “Imitation”

    1. I’m not at all surprised at your reaction. I’m sure lots of people stopped watching after awhile. Honestly, I had thought about quitting but felt like I had spent too much time on it to not finish.


  1. If asked, “Is Imitation great?” I’d answer, “Not even close.” If someone questioned, “Is Imitation horrible?” I’d say, “Nowhere near that.”

    ^totally agree on this point. I was curious enough to watch it until the end, but not impressed enough to recommend this to anybody else, even if they’re K-Pop fans.


    1. The fact that you watched to the end tells me you thought it was worth your time/”curosity.” Funny how so many of us stick with shows we wouldn’t recommend to others. Is it because we’re hoping it will get better or that we don’t want to feel like we wasted the time we’ve already spent on it? What do you think?


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