I Remember You

If you’re ready for a riveting conversation with a friend, watch the crime/thriller Kdrama I Remember You (aka Hello Monster).  That show will give you enough material for a two hour debate.  The main topic of discussion?… Are psychopaths born that way or are they “made”? Lee Hyun is a professor, author, lecturer, and an amazing criminal … Continue reading I Remember You

Liar Game

Put another show on the perfect score list. Liar Game is an amazing psychological thriller that captures your attention about four minutes into it and doesn’t let go, even though the ending credits are rolling.  The writer set things up for a sequel and my mind began spinning trying to think of what it would be … Continue reading Liar Game


Reset is a 2014 crime/thriller Kdrama that’s… what is it, exactly?  It’s tense, dark, violent, mysterious, unsettling, and a bit difficult to figure out.  But it was also compelling enough for me to keep watching. As a teenager, Cha Woo-Jin was with his girlfriend, Seung-Hee, when she became the victim of the brutal crime of rape. … Continue reading Reset