To Be Continued

ASTRO, Kpop’s newest boy group, made their debut this year (2015) in August via the webdrama To Be Continued.  I’ve seen some pretty good webdramas, some fairly decent ones, and a couple that just weren’t very good at all.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, To Be Continued falls under that last category. It really had the potential to … Continue reading To Be Continued

You’re Beautiful

What do you get when a sweet apprentice nun joins a rock band disguised as her twin brother?…  The wonderful Kdrama, You’re Beautiful.  You’re probably thinking, “Oh, no.  Not another ‘girl tries to pass herself off as a boy’ Kdrama.”  But this one’s different in that every once in awhile the make-up and wardrobe people … Continue reading You’re Beautiful

Trot Lovers

I had heard of Korean trot music but I had no idea what it was.  After watching Trot Lovers I am now familiar with it and I’ve learned I don’t care for it.  I’m sure there are loads of people who love it but I’m just not one of them.  This Kdrama is full of … Continue reading Trot Lovers