Marriage Contract

I was browsing through Kdramas on and ran across one I had never heard of before entitled Marriage Contract.  I read the synopsis and immediately thought of Super Daddy Yeol.  I wasn’t really thrilled with that show so my first thought was to keep browsing for something that sounded better.  However, I changed my mind … Continue reading Marriage Contract


I love it when a drama’s over, the credits are rolling, and I’m all smiles. Don’t wait any longer to begin this show.  It’s out now in its entirety and my advice to you is – make it the next Kdrama you watch.  Entertainer is absolutely wonderful and does just what its title suggests – … Continue reading Entertainer

Goodbye Mr. Black

This Kdrama reminds me of Golden Cross with its over abundance of bad guys.  They’re everywhere – crazy for power and status, and driven by their insatiable greed for money.  But in these kinds of shows there’s always a “Robin Hood” who, with his little band of “Merry Men”, goes up against all the rich and … Continue reading Goodbye Mr. Black