Lucky Romance

Would you walk under a ladder?  How about open an umbrella indoors?  Do you avoid letting a black cat cross in front of you?  Are you a bit nervous if you break a mirror?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions chances are you’ll identify with the heroine in this Kdrama.  Can you … Continue reading Lucky Romance

Beautiful Gong Shim

What exactly is it that makes Beautiful Gong Shim so enjoyable? The cast?  The plot?  The writing?  The characters?  The acting?  YEP!  It’s all those things, and more. Ahn Dan-Tae is a lawyer who represents low income people, those who can’t afford to pay for an attorney.  He rents a rooftop room from Gong Shim, a … Continue reading Beautiful Gong Shim

Choco Bank

This webdrama is the story of a young man named Kim Eun-Haeng (which means “bank” in Korean) and a young woman named Ha Cho-Co who team up, creating a business that blends their names with their talents – Choco Bank. One day, while Eun-Haeng is out job hunting, he hears a man yelling for someone … Continue reading Choco Bank

Marriage Contract

I was browsing through Kdramas on and ran across one I had never heard of before entitled Marriage Contract.  I read the synopsis and immediately thought of Super Daddy Yeol.  I wasn’t really thrilled with that show so my first thought was to keep browsing for something that sounded better.  However, I changed my mind … Continue reading Marriage Contract