Moorim School

I was expecting a cross between Dream High and God of Study but the only thing I can really compare this Kdrama to is maybe… X-Men.  Moorim School is definitely an original – original storyline, original setting, original super power.  It didn’t have me craving the next episode but I was entertained the full 16 hours. I’ll … Continue reading Moorim School

We Broke Up

All this 10 episode webdrama needed to fit in with the TV drama big guys was some more depth, a better ending, and a little polish.  We Broke Up, based on the webcomic of the same name, is decently written, finely acted, and well directed but it’s short length and lack of background details kept me … Continue reading We Broke Up

Madame Antoine

  Romance among psychology – in 2014 Korea gave us It’s Okay, That’s Love, last year (2015) we had Heart to Heart, Kill Me, Heal Me and Hyde, Jekyll, Me (all four, fantastic shows) and now we get to add 2016’s Madame Antoine to the list.  Although they all deal with people battling a mental illness or … Continue reading Madame Antoine

Playful Kiss

I started Playful Kiss about five times, never getting any further than the first 15 minutes before I turned it off and found another drama.  I just couldn’t get into it.  It didn’t seem serious enough for me to spend 16 hours on.  But because Playful Kiss is considered a classic, like Boys Over Flowers, … Continue reading Playful Kiss

The Secret Message

I finally found a webdrama worthy of playing with the big boys- The Secret Message.  It’s 18 episodes, each vary in length somewhere between 11 to 23 minutes long.  I was pleasantly surprised to find myself hooked right away, anxiously going from episode to episode watching this long distance love story unfold. Woo-Hyun is a … Continue reading The Secret Message