Run On

Run On is a fine show – even-keel, so-so, alright – but that’s pretty much it. I was almost resentful of the fact that I had other things to do when I was watching More Than Friends a couple weeks back, but while I was engaged in Run On I found myself deliberately doing things … Continue reading Run On

To. Jenny

While browsing through my webdrama list, I decided to watch a two-hour drama special entitled To. Jenny. Although the show obviously catered to the teenage crowd, I enjoyed it anyway. Although Park Jung-Min is an amazingly talented songwriter, lyricist, musician, and singer, a humiliating experience during an assembly in high school left him terrified to … Continue reading To. Jenny

More Than Friends

Not a single star in this drama is on my favorites lists so I didn’t begin the show with high expectations. However, a little more than halfway through the first episode I was enamored with More Than Friends, completely hooked and 100% invested in these people’s lives. “There are too many ways to love in … Continue reading More Than Friends

Live On

If you’ve ever read my About page, you know this website was developed for two main reasons – first, so I would have someone to talk to about Kdramas, and second, so I could give you a heads-up on what shows I personally feel would be a good use of your watching time. Sadly, Live … Continue reading Live On