Love in Memory

Wah Hoo!  How lucky I was to have found one more fine webdrama – Love in Memory.  Award winning actor and actress, Jung Gyu-Woon and Jo Yoon-Hee are what attracted me to the very good, one hour (six episodes, 10 minutes each) love-triangle tale in the first place.  I’ve liked them both in several Kdramas … Continue reading Love in Memory

Her Lovely Heels

Short but sweet.  Those three words describe Her Lovely Heels, perfectly.  It’s a delightful story about Ji-Hoo and Tae-Soo, two people who find love in an unlikely place – a shoe store. A big sign outside a shoe store announces a 50% off sale – way too tempting for Ji-Hoo and her friend to pass … Continue reading Her Lovely Heels

Love Cells

Love Cells is a webdrama that’s a bit on the strange side.  Quirky, weird, different?  No, unique is a better word.  Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it.  It’s just not your average Kdrama, but that’s okay. There are 15 episodes, each around 15 minutes long.  You’re probably wondering the same thing I did, … Continue reading Love Cells

Dream Knight

Dream Knight is really good, especially for a webdrama.  It’s a short, 12 episode (around 12 to 20 minutes per episode) fantasy about four stuffed dolls who come alive to protect a girl who is all alone.  (Reminiscent of “Gimmick!” for the NES.) In-Hyung’s high school holds a dance contest and the winner gets to … Continue reading Dream Knight