High End Crush

Put another webdrama in the “so close” pile.  High End Crush had so much potential, like Noble, My Love, but it just didn’t quite reach “great”.  I don’t know who it was – the writer? the director? – but someone decided to take a decent plot and an award winning actor and actress and, dare I say, … Continue reading High End Crush

Love Cells 2

Well, I did it.  When I saw they had made a Love Cells 2 I told myself, since I really wasn’t thrilled with the original, I wasn’t going to watch the sequel.  But I had just finished watching Oh, My Venus and while laying in bed with a cold I thought, “Its short.  You might as well … Continue reading Love Cells 2

Noble, My Love

Although it’s a webdrama, Noble, My Love has more of a full length Kdrama feel to it than other webdramas I’ve seen.  Was it because of its 20 episode length?  Although each one is only around 15 minutes long it’s still almost double the length of most webdramas.  Could it have been because it is a truly … Continue reading Noble, My Love

To Be Continued

ASTRO, Kpop’s newest boy group, made their debut this year (2015) in August via the webdrama To Be Continued.  I’ve seen some pretty good webdramas, some fairly decent ones, and a couple that just weren’t very good at all.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, To Be Continued falls under that last category. It really had the potential to … Continue reading To Be Continued

One Sunny Day

One Sunny Day is an easygoing, ten episode webdrama about finding love when and where you least expect it.  We get to follow two people as they discover the wonderful stranger right next to them. There are three signs in the show that do some great foreshadowing.  One reads… “It’s completely empty, so it will … Continue reading One Sunny Day