Blade Man

It’s a super hero love story!  Blade Man may sound a bit strange, and the first episode had me wondering if I really wanted to go through 17 more hours of what I had just seen, but I kept on going and really, really enjoyed it. Joo Hong-Bin has no idea what happens when he’s … Continue reading Blade Man

Birth of a Beauty

I was expecting a light romantic comedy but Birth of a Beauty delivers a much bigger punch than I had anticipated.  It’s packed with attempted murder, infidelity, greed, dysfunctional family situations, blackmail, spying, corrupt business practices, revenge, and yes… plenty of romance laced with some comedy throughout. This isn’t just a story about a woman … Continue reading Birth of a Beauty

Big Man

I was very excited to see there was a drama starring both Kang Ji-Hwan and Daniel Choi, two great actors I have loved in other shows.  I would have never thought of pairing up those two guys but they worked great opposite each other in Big Man. This Kdrama reminded me of the American movie … Continue reading Big Man

Beyond the Clouds

The drama’s title has to do with a silver bracelet Kang Woo-Jin gives to Han Young-Won as an engagement gift.  It refers to the saying, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining”, reminding us that even though there may be black storm clouds overhead, the sun is still shining Beyond the Clouds. This Kdrama fits … Continue reading Beyond the Clouds