My Love Patzzi

2 thoughts on “My Love Patzzi”

  1. Great review!! Found this randomly cuz I occasionally browse Google for pics of this adorkable trio.. they’re just too cuute! I saw MLP ages ago & it’s been my fave ever since, almost perfect except being so short! I love everything about the setting too; the lights, the colours, the music! Even the “dated” phones! (which I was still using as recently as 10yrs after this, haha) And that ending-!! Still one of the best I’ve seen, most especially because it’s so easily headcanon-able as trio-shippy, & after the amount of “dramas” I’ve watched, my forever ongoing goal is to get an #OT3-ever-after, darn it.. LOL xD So if this is the closest I can get, I’ll take it! Anyways, thanks for that lovely trio shot! xoxoxo


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